collaboration with Nicolle Bussien • Junge Kunst Olten • 2019

Audio 12’08’’ • 5 channel • tent poles, size variable • tent tarpaulins folded • speakers hanging

The loudspeakers, supported by tent poles, temporarily define the territory of the installation grenzen without leaving the audience outside. Through their constitutional permeability, visitors are invited to move within the installation and listen to the musical tension between the individual channels and the entire sound construct. The folded tarpaulins on the floor refer to the unredeemed potential of spatial demarcation. On them, different excerpts of a dialogue can be read in which different ideas of community and the distribution of space meet. Exemplary translations of inclusion and exclusion processes allow, through their linguistic ambiguity, the interpretation of smaller and larger group dynamics. Both the individual voices of the text and those of the composition negotiate in an abstract way over and over again how they relate to one another. The work plays with the symbol of emergent collectivity and poses questions about the relationship between individuals and communities.